Ray ducking around in the backyard!

Try to be Happy.  Life is so short!!!

Ray, Dar and Aaron Polanski

at a Atlanta Braves game!!

Rays left handed at everything but playing the guitar and also the worst golfer on the planet!!!

I love to run, gives me time to think and listen to music that I like to play guitar to besides all the health benefits.  Many marathons, ran my first Erie marathon in 1987 (3:22), ran my last long race at the Erie Endurance Classic in 2013, ran 20 miles (3:35), slow but steady anymore. 

Hi, I am Ray Polanski from Erie, PA.  I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1981 and have been happily married to Darlene since 1988, we have one son, Aaron who was born in 1991.   Dar and I reside in Erie, PA and Aaron resides in Cleveland, Ohio and also works as a mechanical engineer there. This website is mainly to describe and show some pictures of my work history, general lifestyle and other items to give one an indication of who and what I am all about.

Summer is on the left and winter is on the right.

Our first and only house, nothing special, but I love it, gonna stay just to bug some of the neighbors!