Its never to (to or too - never was sure of that) late to (here we go again) learn something new in life!!

 I took over our little basement after, Aaron went to college.  Its sorta   my room now, finally!!

A little story before we get into rays work history.

Don't be so hard on yourself.


Never, ever, ever let someone take advantage of your time in this life more than twice.  Don't say bad things about them, don't argue with them, don't hurt them or there property, just leave them be like a tree in the forest to live with their own issues.  Many other people would love to spend time with you and your talents.

Strictly rhythem, don't want to make it cry or sing!!

I like to keep little momentos on my wall of my family over the years, makes me happier, then I play better, cause I am happy!!

Hundreds of years ago, there was a man with one son and one horse.  The horse would do many things for him: plow the fields so he could raise crops, haul wood logs from the forest many miles away to keep them warm in the winter, take him to the city to buy supplies such as food and clothing and many other things.  The horse was very important to Ray.  Oneday the horse got out of the corral and ran away.  This was bad news for Ray as the horse was obviously very important to his day to day life.  All his friends came over and told him how terrible this was, but Ray, being the kind of guy he was, said you never know, it could be bad and it could be good.  The next day the horse came running back into the corral and with it were 10 other horses as it was the leader of the pack.  This meant Ray was gonna be a rich man as he could grow more crops and sell them and do many other things with his good fortune.  All Rays friends came over and said how wonderful this was and nothing could be better.  As usual, Ray said you never know, it could be good and it could be bad.  The next day Rays only son was riding one of the horses to break it in and he fell off and was paralyzed.  All his friends came over and said how terrible this was and nothing could ever be worse.  As usual, Ray said it could be bad and it could be good.  The next day, Rays country declared war on the neighboring country and all able bodied young me had to go to war which meant certain death for most of them.  Rays son did not have to go. 

We never really know what lies ahead, take the good with the bad.

Rays father was a 35 year veteran fireman who always had a second job to support 4 children, and his father-in-law is   a 20 year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps followed by 20 years as a postman who also had 4 children.

Its time for work history!!  Have always loved my work!!   

Most of the time.....................