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I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1981.

I left there in June of 1988 to become the plant engineer at Erie Malleable Iron, a large ductile iron foundry in Erie (400 employees). I was responsible for capital projects, maintenance, safety and environmental issues and definitely had my hands full on a day to day basis.  I learned a lot there from my boss Mike Steiner and improving the facility output was my main concern.

I belonged to Phi Kappa Theta fraternity while I was there, our motto was : Give... expecting nothing in return.

My first job immediately after graduation was as a design engineer at Timken Steel Company in Canton, Ohio.  I worked in various departments (melting, rolling and tube mills, continuos casting) all in the steel mill engineering group.  My last 2 years was all in the continuous casting area.  I worked there from June of 1981 until October of 1986.  Projects were many as one could imagine.  I left there to move back to my hometown of Erie. 

That's me, third from the left in the second row. I just had more hair back then.

Back in Erie, and much happier hanging around my old friends, I worked at Zurn Industries- Mechanical Drives division from October of 1986 until June of 1988.  I was a project engineer / project manager while I was there and managed government related projects related to naval ships and submarines as well as the V-22 tilt rotor helicopter.  Work included ensuring schedules, budgets, costs, specifications were all adhered to as nuclear submarine couplings were very obviously important items.